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That College Kid Whose Jeep I Saved Wound Up Stranded On The Shoulder With A Blown-Up Engine

Last summer, I drove 500 miles to pick up a Jeep that a reader had offered to give me for free. But instead of coming home with the extra iron, I fixed the college student’s Jeep and returned home happy to help. Lots of people read that article—heck, even Adam Savage from Mythbusters tweeted about it. […]

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I Just Contacted My Ex-Jeep’s New Owner And Got The Closure I Needed

In a moment of weakness last night, I texted my ex-Jeep’s new owner—you know, just to see how things were going. What I learned is that, as much as I miss that beautiful 4.0-liter manual transmission XJ, it doesn’t look like it misses me. It looks genuinely happy.Read more… Continue Reading at

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