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How to Negotiate a Cheaper Cell Phone Plan

This month, we challenged you to save money on your cell phone bill by switching to a cheaper plan. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to switch carriers, though. You might be able to negotiate a better price with your current one.Read more… Continue Reading at

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August’s Money Challenge: Find a Cheaper Phone Plan

We’ve thrown all kinds money challenges at you this year, from haggling to saving for retirement, and all year long, you’ve been acing them. This month, we want to help you save on a specific expense: your cellphone bill.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Trump’s Bodyguard Leaks the Defense Secretary’s Phone Number ‘the Old-Fashioned Way’

Donald Trump famously doesn’t trust computers. At an event on New Year’s Eve, he told reporters, “You know, if you have something really important, write it out and have it delivered by courier, the old-fashioned way.” Well, a pen and paper screwed him when his bodyguard recently displayed the cellphone number of the…Read more… Continue […]

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