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Here’s How A Corvette Was Totaled Because Of One Inch Of Damage

When we think of a car being wrecked so badly that it’s effectively totaled, we tend to imagine pretty gruesome, mangled wrecks. What we don’t usually picture is an incident that left damage so small you could hide it with your thumb, but that’s exactly what happened to one deeply unlucky Corvette.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Watch A Seriously Erratic Driver Catch Some Serious Air And Then Seriously Crash Into A Serious Lamppost

There’s no corroborating information about what happened here, or even exactly where it happened. What we do know is that this alarming wreck seems to have happened two days ago, seems to have happened in America, and something was not going well for that driver. Oh, and that the driver managed a much more impressive…Read […]

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