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I Helped Out With A New Car-Focused TV Show That Won’t Be As Terrible As Most Of Them Are

I know we’ve discussed how the state of most car shows you see on mainstream television are generally somewhere between a pizza made from urine-soaked carpet samples and an unexpected, forceful kick in the groin when it comes to quality and enjoyability. We’ve lamented this before, and once even tried our hand at it,…Read more… […]

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My Beetle And I Will Be On Television So Please Prepare Accordingly

Are you a television set owner/operator and uncertain as to what manner of audiovisual information you should play back through your device? If so, I have a suggestion: on April 30 at 10 PM, there’s going to be a show on the Discovery Channel that, improbably, has decided to feature me and my 1973 Volkswagen […]

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