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How To Make Your Car Photos Stand Out For Under $100

People love to photograph cars. Who can blame them? The trend nowadays seems to either be super even and ugly HDR photos, or overly processed dark images with too much contrast. If you want your car photos to stand out for cheap, it’s time to look into some filters.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Capture the Perfect ‘Light Painting’ Car Photo in Three Shots

If you spend any time scrolling through car ads or magazine spreads, chances are that you’ve seen a very specific type of dramatic, “light painting” car photo. The background is dark but the car is evenly lit, pro-style. As it turns out, it’s actually very easy to nail this shot. Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Here Are Some Of The Incredible Cars Of The Bear Mountain Car Cruise

Jalopnik got bored earlier this week and decided to hit up the Bear Mountain Car Cruise, an enthusiast event that meets every Wednesday in the summer about an hour out of Manhattan. What we saw changed us forever, including an Alpine A110, Slantnose Porsche, Saab Sonnett, and a Toyota Sera that our hearts won’t let […]

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The Cars Are Here

It’s almost the weekend, which is naturally the car time. We’ve been soliciting your Instagram posts and telling you to use the #DriveFreeOrDie hashtag, and now we’re going to ride into Saturday with some car grams, including a Tiffany Blue fleet, emergency 500, Beetle buggy and an all-time favorite, a Panoz.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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