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I Asked A Real Car Color Professional Hard-Hitting Questions About Car Color And Here’s The Result

It’s no secret that our nation—no, our world—is currently in crisis. Despite frivolous distractions like this whole “pandemic” and “global economic shutdown” we all know that the real crisis is the Crisis of Boring Car Colors. I’ve ranted about the tyranny of grays and whites and blacks before—colors the color…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Americans Aren’t the Only People Obsessed With Buying Black, Gray and White Cars 

The state of modern car colors in the U.S. is dreadful. People gravitate toward shades of black, gray, silver and white, chanting their chants about “resale value” and how white paint looks decent even when dirty. But we Americans aren’t the only ones with a car-color problem. The UK is bleak, too.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Volkswagen Is Finally Bringing Back Some Good Colors To America But It’s Not Cheap

Color! It’s my dream that, before I die, someone will heft the plastic bag that’ contains the still operating parts of my body, and hold a remaining eye to a window, where I’ll look out to see traffic flowing by, in a Skittles-like array of many, varied colors. We’re still far from that goal, but […]

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Show Us Your Most Bonkers Rolls-Royce Interiors

In case you weren’t aware, Rolls-Royce’s online configurator is the planet’s best online configurator. If you’re sick of the miserable, grayscale “rainbows” of non-color offered by lesser makes like BMW or Mercedes, the dazzling array of options available to the discerning Roller buyer will delight you. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Light-Colored Cars May Be Safer In Our Autonomous Future But Dark Cars Aren’t Going Away

You know how when you transform yourself into a cat and go hunting at night, it’s easier to catch a light-colored pigeon than it is, say, a crow? Of course you do. Unsurprisingly, autonomous cars have similar issues spotting dark-colored vehicles, which could make dark-colored cars more challenging for a future with…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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McLaren Develops A Revolutionary New Color: White

McLaren Special Operations is McLaren’s bespoke division, which allows super-wealthy McLaren buyers the chance to get the company to make special versions of their cars just for a customer’s very specific desires, like a dashboard inlaid with the teeth of your enemies, or, in the case here, a paint color based on the…Read more… Continue […]

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