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This Cop’s Near-Miss With a Train Will Give You One Last Chance to Ruin Your Pants in 2018

You know what’s great! Not running into things that will kill you. What’s less great is almost running into things that can kill you, but even that is way better than running into things that can kill you. Police Officer Peter Stanglewicz of Mokena, Illinois recently experienced the second one, and oh man, it’s…Read more… […]

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How Many Smart Roadsters Does It Take to Stop Tom Cruise

Today was my boss’s first day back from vacation in Europe, where he claimed to have found the amount of Smart Roadsters running around quite remarkable. That naturally led me to bring up the oft-forgotten car chase in the 2010 action-comedy, Knight And Day, in which multiple Roadsters chase down Tom Cruise and…Read more… Continue […]

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Even the Fast & Furious movies’ chase scenes are about the importance of family

At this point, it feels like the Fast & Furious franchise only continues to exist so that it can out-do itself. Each successive film culminates in some insane, how-did-they-do-that car chase sequence straight from the mind of an excitable, sports-car-obsessed 11-year-old. But, in the newest installment of their Fan…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Man Witnesses Miracle Of Childbirth While Handcuffed On The Hood Of His Car After Police Chase

What’s likely one of the more commonly fantasized excuses for a car chase was no excuse early New Year’s Day, as Carl Alewine witnessed the birth of his daughter handcuffed to the hood of his car after getting pulled over speeding to the hospital.Read more… Continue Reading at

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