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What Is Wrong With People?

I have some questions for former Google employees Paul McDonald and Ashwath Rajan, the men behind Bodega, a company that wants to, according to Fast Company, make corner stores—that is, actual bodegas—“a thing of the past” by putting app-accessible boxes full of nonperishables in the lobbies of apartment buildings,…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Trump Supporters Use “Globalist” as a Slur, But Don’t Know What it Means

In response to the Banter’s Alyona Minkovski’s piece on Pete Hegseth’s atrocious interview with Donald Trump on Fox News, Hegseth took to twitter to call us “#FakeNews” and labeled Alyona an “elitist, globalist, Leftist” who is “posing” as a journalist: If anyone took Fox News seriously, the …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Why The Trump Administration Could Spell The End of Modern Capitalism

When not continuously checking the news for updates on the Trump Administration’s descent into chaos (and now potential impeachment), I have recently spent a significant amount of time researching the amazing surge of interest in crypto-currencies. Why? Because I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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