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Yes, You Can Overdose on Black Licorice

There is a balance in the universe. Most people hate black licorice, and so when they receive some in their trick-or-treat bags, or when they find black jelly beans amongst their easter loot, they can pass it along to their grandpas and other weirdos who actually like the stuff. But these weirdos should be careful.Read […]

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Make Your Kids Think Your Favorite Treat Is Gross

Sure, you could sneak around, hiding your favorite treats in the box of the blandest cereal in your pantry, devouring them in secret once the kids are safely in bed for the night. But why do that when you can brazenly enjoy it right in front of them because they believe that piece of chocolatey […]

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What’s the Best Halloween Candy?

It’s a question as old as time: what’s the best Halloween candy? In this week’s semi-serious Co-Op, we’re asking you to tell us what you’d most like to find in a candy bucket. What sweets will you eat until you’re sick? What treat would you literally pay your child to give you from their trick-or-treating […]

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A formal taxonomy of sour candies

Sour candies, like sexuality and visible color, exist along a spectrum. The categorization is not binary like “chocolate” or “non-chocolate,” nor can it be as neatly assigned as “Mars product” or “Nestle’s rival product.” Rather, when it comes to this most assertive family of candies, sour is in the taste bud of the…Read more… Continue […]

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If You Fail at Tempering Chocolate, You Can Always Make Truffles

I was making peppermint bark last weekend, a treat this very website has described as “incredibly easy,” and I fucked it up. I had poured a layer of perfectly-tempered dark chocolate onto a parchment-coated sheet pan, and then I mixed peppermint oil into my white chocolate. Just as I was about to pour the white…Read […]

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