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Get Out of Town With This Coleman Camping Gear Sale 

It’s the perfect time of year for a camping trip, and Amazon’s celebrating with a sale on Coleman camping gear, including tents, sleeping bags, cooking gear (including the Camp Propane Grill/Stove), and more. A few examples are below, but head over to Amazon to see the rest.Read more… Continue Reading at

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This $4 Survival Grenade Includes a Fire Starter, Fishing Gear, and More

Before you head out on your next long hike or camping trip, you might as well pick up this $4 survival “grenade.” Unwrap the nine feet of 550 pound paracord, and inside you’ll find tin foil, tinder, a flint rod, a knife, and even fishing equipment to help you live off the land. Read more… […]

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Is Trader Joe’s Pour-Over Bag the Ultimate in Coffee Convenience?

People who really love their coffee are always looking for ways to drink good coffee in spaces that are not conducive to brewing good coffee, and Trade Joe’s seeks to fill this need with a handy little brew-in-the-bag coffee pouch, complete with spout.Read more… Continue Reading at

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These Are the Three Best Coolers

Well this is awkward. The overwhelming favorite in this week’s cooler Co-Op was RTIC’s hard cooler, which is no longer in production due to to a lawsuit by YETI. You can still find them here and there, and it’s possible RTIC will make tweaks and rerelease it in some form. But in the meantime, let’s […]

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