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If Your Google Calendar Events Just Disappeared on Your Mac, Try These Temporary Fixes

That’s what I get for not touching my Mac in a day or so. Thanks to a tip from Lifehacker reader David (no relation), we can now confirm that Mac users are probably having one heck of a time trying to manage their schedules today. If you synchronize your Google Calendar to your Mac calendar, […]

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Use Your Calendar to Record What Actually Happened

I spent four years working as an executive assistant, and one of my responsibilities was to make sure my boss’s calendar was 100 percent accurate. This meant ensuring that new meetings, deadlines, and tasks were added to the calendar as they were scheduled. It also meant ensuring that any meetings or action items that …Read […]

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How to Schedule Text Messages on Android

Whether you have friends or family members who work and live different schedules than you, or you find yourself sending more “happy belated birthday” messages than you’d like, having the ability to schedule text messages ahead of time is an incredibly useful feature.Read more… Continue Reading at

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This Extension Brings Back ‘Working Hours’ to Google Calendar’s Redesign

Google’s updated version of Calendar—which you can no longer opt out of—is lovely to look at and easier to work with than its previous version. However, the omission of one major feature from Calendar’s new “material design” version seems to be pissing off a number of users (including yours truly): the ability to…Read more… Continue […]

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Subscribe to the New York Times Book News Calendar

The New York Times just released a calendar even more useful than its astronomical event calendar. The NYT 2018 book events calendar, available for Google or Apple, includes highly anticipated book releases from authors like Zadie Smith and Dave Eggers, plus events, literary anniversaries, and releases of movies based…Read more… Continue Reading at

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