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The Creative Footprint establishes initiative to curb gentrification

The Creative Footprint wants to help curb the effects of gentrification in New York City. The group’s new initiative is called NightCamp NYC — a two-day intensive workshop series which brings together promoters, venue owners, stakeholders, government representatives and global nightlife experts. “Following the successful repeal of the city’s institutionally racist Cabaret Law and the […]

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to sign bill repealing the Cabaret Law today

91 years later, New York City dance floors have been liberated.November 27, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will sign the bill that will repeal the city’s Cabaret Law, instituted in 1926.An archaic remnant of a previous, more restrictive era, the Cabaret Law made it illegal for New York City public spaces to host “musical […]

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