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Trump Allies Believe Rudy Giuliani May Have Been Drunk Before Disastrous Interviews

Former Mayor of New York and current Trump legal counsel Rudy Giuliani is in his boss’s bad books after a series of interviews that can only be described as a train wreck. Trump is reportedly incensed about Giuliani’s appearances, with many in the media speculating  he will may fire his …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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After Trump Tower Moscow Bombshell, Democrats Must Urgently Move To Impeach

A bombshell report from Buzzfeed has revealed that president Trump “directed his longtime attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.” Reporters Jason Leopold and Anthony Cormier spoke with two federal law enforcement officials involved …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Spotify to launch new multimedia format called Spotlight

Spotify has officially announced the launch of a multimedia sector called Spotlight. The streaming giant is introducing visual supplement — including text, photos and videos — to augment its audio components, such as audiobooks, podcasts and other content. The launch will cover a wide range of interests from music, sports, politics, pop culture and a plethora of other user […]

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With Bannon Exposed as a Nazi Sympathizer, Networks He Appears on Risk Being Labeled Collaborators

In a sane society, Thursday’s damning report from Buzzfeed would be the end of Steve Bannon as a face on cable news and in the mainstream press. The report, ironically relying on a large number of leaked emails, details how Steve Bannon, at the behest of the billionaire Mercer family, used …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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