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Here’s To 20 More Years Of Ashley’s Butt Just Hanging Out In Vagrant Story

As of today, the classic PlayStation 1 role-playing game Vagrant Story is 20 years old. It’s very good and, as ex-Kotaku staffer Joshura Rivera so eloquently wrote back in December, “still holds the heck up” two decades later. This article, however, is all about the main character’s exposed butt, just so you know what…Read more… […]

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Where Do You Find Jeans That Fit Your Athletic Butt? 

It’s pretty awesome to lift enough weights, or play enough hockey, that you notice more muscle in your butt and thighs. But it’s not so awesome to hulk out of your own clothes, and notice that none of the pants in stores fit you anymore. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Sebastian Vettel’s Loose Screw Caused His Race Suit To Get Soiled Right On The Butt

Ferrari Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel complained of a burning sensation down below during Free Practice 2 in Mexico only to discover that his car’s onboard fire extinguisher had gone off, WTF1 reports. The cause was a loose screw. Naturally, I’m writing this for the brilliant headline possibilities. Read more… Continue Reading at

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