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Someone Just Paid $51,360 For This Perfect 1983 Jeep Cherokee

The 1983 Jeep Cherokee was the very last body-on-frame Cherokee, giving way to the unibody XJ model that was objectively better in nearly every way. Still, there’s one area where the “SJ” Cherokee trounces its successor: styling. And you can bet that’s a big reason why this 1983 Jeep Cherokee Laredo sold yesterday for…Read more… […]

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This French Van From the 1950s is the Mobile Storefront Every Small Business Needs Today

There is a certain prestige added to your brand that comes with a vintage shuttle repurposed as company notice-me vehicle. Whether it be an old Unimog or a Volvo C303. Whether you have an upstart vintage jeanshort sales consortium, a holistic bath bomb atelier, a new upstart watches-for-dogs boutique, or you are an …Read more… […]

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Become An ’80s Homologation Hero With This Ford RS200

Ford was doing some pretty impressive work with the RS200 rally car in the mid-to-late 1980s. With 146 examples built for the road, Ford fulfilled its homologation obligation, and made some very happy customers in the process. In order to be competitive, Ford slapped this mid-engine turbo monster together practically…Read more… Continue Reading at

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What’s This Mint 1987 Buick GNX With Eight (8) Miles on It Gonna Go For?

The Buick Grand National is a prime collector’s item because it’s a cool version of a common car, it’s historically unique, and it’s pretty much universally respected by enthusiasts. An ’87 GNX is particularly special, and one’s getting auctioned off right now. With eight miles on its odometer.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The 1994 Toyota Supra That Sold for $121,000 On Bring a Trailer Is Now at a Dealer for $500,000

So, you thought a $121,000 auction price for that immaculate 1994 Toyota Supra on Bring a Trailer was a little much? Yeah, so did we. That was cute of all of us, because the car is now back up for sale by a Chicago dealership for $500,000.Read more… Continue Reading at

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I Would Totally Buy This Smart ForTwo Shell If I Had a Bigger Apartment 

Successful adulting, I think, is balancing your excitement for a new toy or gadget and getting enthusiastic about home décor. There’s no reason why you can’t both indulge your inner child and improve your furniture situation. This Smart ForTwo safety cell satisfies both of those needs. Read more… Continue Reading at

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