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The Brightness Slider Is The Dimmest Idea In Video Games

“Retinas are fried after cranking up brightness to see enemies.” That is the headline of a Reddit post submitted one month ago to the Call of Duty: Cold War subreddit. His plight is achingly familiar. “It’s literally so difficult to see enemies in this game,” they write. So they delved under the hood and obliterated…Read […]

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How to Dim Your iPhone’s Brightness More Than You Thought Possible 

The iPhone’s brightness doesn’t go low enough. In the pitch dark, even the dimmest setting can be too bright. But you can make the iPhone’s dimmest setting even dimmer, thanks to a tip from redditor manawesome326. We’ll take you through it step by step.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Control Your External Display’s Settings From Your MacBook

Mac: Your Mac’s Night Shift and True Tone modes are great and all, but they can be fussy at times, and they might not work (or work very well) with an externally connected display. Separately, it’s also annoying to have to tap buttons and fumble through on-screen displays just to adjust your monitor’s brightness and…Read […]

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