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The World’s Largest Automotive Supplier Probably Makes Parts For Your Phone, Too

If you want your car to automatically brake for collisions, beep when you’re about to back into something, turn on its wipers when it rains and deploy its airbags during a collision, you’re going to need a lot of sensors. And when those sensors start being used for phone accelerometers, automated driving systems and…Read more… […]

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How Certain Tiny Explosions Keep Electric Cars Safer In An Accident

While it may sound a little counterintuitive, a few tiny controlled explosions can actually be a good thing if you accidentally crash your electric car. New technology from Bosch, though, could possibly make our EVs far safer in the event of a crash with a few controlled detonations.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Bosch Hopes Triggering Explosions Will Actually Make Electric Cars Safer When They Crash

Building an electric vehicle isn’t as easy as swapping a fuel tank for a battery and a gas-guzzling engine for an electric motor, it requires an extensive redesign of the car as we know it, including planning for new risks when an accident occurs. That’s where Bosch thinks intentional explosions could actually make…Read more… Continue […]

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