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The Evolution of Online Eating Disorder Communities From Tumblr to Twitter Meme

Online eating disorder subculture, pockets of the internet where largely young women and girls share inspiration and information on ED behaviors, has always been a black hole of calorie counting and exercising. Little has fundamentally changed since the days of pro-anorexia Livejournal communities, forums, and blogs…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Here’s When It’s Appropriate to Comment on Someone’s Body Transformation

Bodies change a great deal over time, and sometimes those transformations are dramatic. When you see a friend who suddenly looks different, there’s a strong impulse to remark on it. Sometimes that kind of comment will be extremely welcome—even expected—and sometimes it will be unappreciated and downright hurtful.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Raise a Body-Positive Kid 

How we feel about our bodies—and how we treat them—is influenced by many different factors, but one of the biggest is how we were raised. As a longtime fat activist, I have heard tons of stories about well-meaning parents who’d talk about food choices in terms of weight loss rather than nutrition, or exercise as […]

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