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Thinness and Fitness Are Not the Same Thing

Mary Cain is not the first or the last person to be told she has to be thinner to be a better athlete, but her powerful story about quitting Nike’s running team shows just how harmful this idea can be. She says she was the “fastest girl in America” before she switched coaches and found […]

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The Evolution of Online Eating Disorder Communities From Tumblr to Twitter Meme

Online eating disorder subculture, pockets of the internet where largely young women and girls share inspiration and information on ED behaviors, has always been a black hole of calorie counting and exercising. Little has fundamentally changed since the days of pro-anorexia Livejournal communities, forums, and blogs…Read more… Continue Reading at

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We Tried Mark Zuckerberg’s Tricks for Looking Taller in Photos

Didn’t you think Mark Zuckerberg is tall? According to a 2010 New Yorker profile, he’s “only around five feet eight, but he seems taller, because he stands with his chest out and his back straight, as if held up by a string.” Wired writer Graham Starr thinks Zuck seems tall for another reason: He stages […]

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I Can’t Help but Wonder Why Wonder Woman Is Shilling Weight-Loss Protein Bars

Warner Bros. got a bit of flack over the past few weeks for its apparent lack of advertising for Wonder Woman, its first female-led superhero film. Even though later reports suggested it’s had more advertising dollars behind it than Suicide Squad, the backlash seemed to work… as we’ve since gotten a slew of TV ads…Read […]

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