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The US Coast Guard Caught This Cocaine-Smuggling Semi-Submersible

The U.S. Coast Guard today announced that the Coast Guard Cutter Munro would offload thirty-nine thousand pounds of cocaine in San Diego with Vice President Pence presiding. The copious amounts of powdered narcotic had been taken in 14 separate seizures, including a particularly large haul in mid-June from the…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Massive Ocean Liner Appears from the Fog and Almost Crashes Into a Venice Dock

The Giardini della Biennale is a parkland area of Venice, Italy, that was created by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte, and is known for the Venice Biennale Art Festival and the many cats that prowl around there. What it’s less known for are massive, city-block-sized cruise ships almost running into it, but that’s…Read more… Continue […]

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These Ancient Warships Built For World War II Are Still in Service 74 Years Later

The Second World War ended in 1945, but you wouldn’t know it from the look of some navies. At least eight countries still operate warships built for service in World War II—and in at least one case much earlier than that. Ships that served in the D-Day invasion, or even the Russian Czar’s Imperial Navy […]

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Area Dog Knows What It Did

A Tennessee man took his boat to the lake recently to practice for an upcoming finishing tournament, and launched more than he expected off of the boat ramp—his Dalmatian, who was in the man’s RV while his owner was getting the boat ready, knocked the vehicle into reverse and sent it for a swim. Read […]

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Infamous Bluebird Jet-Engined Speedboat Is Back After Spending 34 Years as an Underwater Wreck

One of the fastest and most remarkable watercraft ever built, the Bluebird K7, returned to the water for the first time this past weekend after an absence of 51 years, 34 of which were spent at the bottom of a British lake. The Bluebird K7 is best known as the vessel that Donald Campbell used […]

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