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The Slandering Of Elizabeth Warren: “Pocahontas” Must Take A “Spit Test”

The Berkshire Eagle suggested yesterday that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren take a “spit test” in order to prove (or disprove) her Native American heritage. This ridiculous suggestion is referring to one of those DNA identifiers which lets a person know their heritage and genetic makeup. …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Lou Dobbs Has Completely Lost His Mind

According to birther advocate and notorious racist Lou Dobbs, Donald Trump is “the most accomplished presidency in modern American history.” Why? Because Trump has laid waste to the federal government, trashed the deal to prevent Iran developing a nuclear weapon, hiked up health insurance for …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Watch President Obama Nail Trump and the Republicans: “I Didn’t Create Trump, Your Hate Towards Me Did”

Bill Maher shared this video of President Obama laying into the Republicans and Donald Trump to his facebook page today. The video was from the campaign trail in late 2016, and shows Obama in his element — eloquent, impassioned, and angry about the terrifying political situation the Republican …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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