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Time flies—Porter Robinson’s ‘Language’ turns 7

Porter Robinson had already been well on his way to the top tier of dance music in 2012, but the release of “Language” expedited the process even further and ultimately led to the young producer becoming a household name. The track, which was a far cry from the grittier, electro-based tunes Robinson had been outputting […]

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Happy Birthday, Mac! A playlist to celebrate the late rapper’s 27th birthday

On January 19, 1992, Mac Miller, was brought into the world. The late rapper passed away in his home in September of 2018, and while he is no longer physically with us, the mark that Miller left on the on the hip-hop genre and music industry at large is indelible. Dancing Astronaut presents a 27 track […]

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Happy Birthday, Skrill! A playlist dedicated to a modern dance pioneer

On this day in 1988, a dance music prophet was born. His name was Sonny Moore, and he would eventually grow into a living legend by the name of Skrillex. By 2010, he had a new subgenre of bass on his hands with groundbreaking records like 2010’s “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites.” It wouldn’t be […]

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Happy Birthday, Carl Cox: celebrating his legacy with three decades of live footage

July 29 marks the birthday of Carl Cox — a true blessing for the dance world. Having helped pave the way for dance music and its blossoming international scene since its nascent days, the legend’s name is one virtually everyone with knowledge of electronic music recognizes.Cox possesses an infectious energy that is further amplified when he is […]

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