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Cyclist Finds Wife’s Stolen Car In Traffic As Driver Runs Away In Panic

Finding your stolen car is not exactly common, but it does happen. Sometimes it’s through considerable effort, and very rarely it’s through sheer dumb luck. A cyclist in Venice, CA, over the weekend fell into the dumb luck method when he happened to spot his wife’s stolen Mazda CX-5 driving around. The person driving…Read more… […]

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Sidecar Motocross Is A Real Thing And It Looks Fantastic

Motocross is an intense sport, full of dirt, jumps and the occasional freak crash. But there are people in this world who race motocross with a sidecar attached, and the person in that sidecar isn’t just sitting there hoping it’ll be over soon. They’re hanging off the sidecar like… well, it’s hard to describe what…Read […]

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