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Trumpism Didn’t “Corrupt” White Conservative Evangelicals, They’ve Always Been Horrible People

There’s an entire cottage industry of conservative pundits who are shocked, shocked, I tell you!, that America’s right wing is full of racists, hypocrites and all around horrible people.One of these newly woke pundits is Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post whose entire job these days seems to be …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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MEMBERS ONLY: I Want Trump Voters to Suffer (But With Great Healthcare Coverage)

I’m over Trump voters. Completely and totally over them. At one point, I wanted them to hit rock bottom and realize just how awful they were so they could try to find their way back to a life of even minimum morality and humanity. Now? Fuck it. I give up….To continue reading this article, please […]

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Should we Applaud a Kentucky Judge for Admitting he’s a Bigot or Demand his Resignation?

Last week, a Kentucky judge announced that he would not preside over another adoption case involving a same sex couple:Nance cited a judicial ethics rule that says a judge must disqualify himself when he has a personal bias or prejudice.In an order issued Thursday, he said “as a matter of …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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