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The ‘People’ Stunned To Discover The Bentley Continental GT Named The ‘People’s Car of the Year’

As people, we often refer to “the people” as the average. Sure, there are people with 42 supercars at home and people with none at all, but “the people,” as a collective, are the leased Toyota Corollas of the world. Thus, any normal person assumes the recipient of an award called the “People’s Car of […]

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The Way These Russian Mechanics Built This Bentley ‘Ultratank’ Is Utterly Fascinating

The idea of a $150,000+ luxury car like the Bentley Continental GT being chopped up and turned into a tank tickles the most primal of our human fancies, which is why so many are watching this video of the luxury “Ultratank” bombing through dirt and over jumps. But more fascinating than that are the videos […]

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