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Israel Begins Ethnically Cleansing Its Population

To the surprise of no one who has been paying attention to Israel’s steady march towards ethnonationalism, Netanyahu’s extremist right wing government has begun to purge its population of people it finds undesirable. And they just happen to be black: The Israeli government has issued a notice for …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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The Jerusalem Embassy Debacle Proves America Views Palestinians As Sub-Human

When Donald Trump declared he would be moving the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it sent a very strong signal to Palestinians and the Arab world that the US did not consider them to be human beings. The move, which was overwhelmingly denounced by the international community, was predicted to …Continue reading Continue […]

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Israel Forced to Modify Intelligence Sharing Agreement With US Thanks To Trump’s Big Mouth

Donald Trump came into office on the heels of a claim that he had a secret plan to defeat ISIS. But at the rate he and the passengers in the clown car also known as the Trump administration are going, America may soon lack the intelligence needed to take down ISIS or any other terrorist […]

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