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Luka Dončić’s Overwatch Mains Are Cause For Serious Concern

Luka Dončić is not only a presumptive top-two pick in June’s NBA Draft, he’s also the proud owner of a Gamer’s Heart. According to a profile written last month by ESPN’s Mina Kimes, Dončić is a fan of the Call Of Duty series. He also “spends two to three hours a day playing video games […]

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The NBA Really Wants You To Watch People Play A Basketball Video Game

MANHATTAN, N.Y.—Despite the drumbeat insisting that Adam Silver is the hip young teen of sports commissioners, he looks the part of a curious Old. His inquiring wide eyes, dark wire-framed glasses, and ready avuncular smile: Silver looks well-suited to hunch inquiringly over kids’ shoulders and try to make sense of…Read more… Continue Reading at

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17 NBA Teams Are Investing In 2K Esports, But There Might Not Be A Scene

The announcement of the NBA 2K league was huge—17 NBA teams will be investing in esports teams which will be contracted to compete in a regular season running concurrent with the NBA season. It was enough to pique many people’s curiosity, including our own, but when we went looking for references to any existing 2K…Read […]

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