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Bannon is Out at Breitbart, and Now the Alt Right is F*cked

Steve Bannon is officially out at, the internet haven for the insidious Alt Right movement that swept Donald Trump to power in 2016. Reported the New York Times:  Stephen K. Bannon is stepping down from his post as executive chairman of Breitbart News, the company announced …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Trending on Breitbart: Muslim Hate, Sex Robots, and More Muslim Hate

One of the greatest pleasures anyone opposed to white nationalism can enjoy right now is the comments section on The racist cesspool of white resentment is in a state of deep shock and disarray after Donald Trump went to war with Steve Bannon after the shocking revelations in …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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By Accusing Trump Jr. of Treason, Steve Bannon is Letting the President Know Who is Boss

Steve Bannon is not only waging war on the GOP establishment, it appears he has now turned his attention onto his political protege, Donald Trump. In a truly astonishing series of excerpts from an upcoming book by Michael Wolff, the Guardian has revealed that Bannon believes the Trump …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Steve Bannon is Back Promoting ‘Intellectual’ White Nationalism

Well that didn’t take long. Fresh from his embarrassing removal from Trump’s reality show of a presidential administration, Steve Bannon is back doing what he does best: defending the indefensible and promoting intellectual white nationalism. In an excerpt of a “60 Minutes” …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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With Bannon’s Departure, the White House Descends From Incompetence to Complete Political Armageddon

Steve Bannon isn’t going to war against Donald Trump. Let’s exorcise this prediction from hour heads right away. Not only has Bannon made it abundantly clear that he intends to go to war in the name of defending Trump against enemies in Congress and the news media, but the trend so far has shown …Continue […]

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