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Bethesda Says It’s Cracking Down On Cheaters In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is getting less broken every day. Bethesda said in today’s “Inside the Vault” post that in the last week alone it’s fixed 150 bugs, with more fixes coming in the future. Two problems Bethesda is still working on, it says, are unbalanced end-game weapons and cheating.Read more… Continue Reading at

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After Dota 2 Team Fails To Ban One Of Its Players, Valve Does It For Them

Yesterday, professional Dota 2 player Carlo “Kuku” Palad was banned from a major tournament due to making what were seen as racist comments in a match last month. Prior to this move, Dota developer Valve had condemned Palad’s behavior but refused to inject itself directly into the matter, calling instead on teams to…Read more… Continue […]

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Report: Philly’s Overwatch Contenders Jerseys Banned Because Of ‘FU’

The Philadelphia Fusion’s Overwatch Contenders team, University, is playing without jerseys in today’s season one finals, not due to a laundry mishap or lost luggage but apparently the giant “FU” emblazoned on their game wear.Read more… Continue Reading at

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