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The Weird Baby Products That Parents Swear By 

When you become a parent, you are initiated into the weird world of modern baby products. There is something out there to “solve” every issue (and trust me, moms and dads navigating the messy terrain of new parenthood encounter a lot of issues). But how do you separate the truly world-changing innovations from the…Read more… […]

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How to Find Baby Gear That You’ll Use for Years 

As a first-time parent with a obsession with product ratings that I realize should be questioned, I spent an absurd amount of my pregnancy researching baby gear. I needed the most reliably secure swaddles, the perfect newborn bathtub and a musical mobile that was guaranteed to change my life.Read more… Continue Reading at

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This Free Service Alerts You When Your Kid’s Stuff Is Recalled 

If you’re looking for some bedtime reading to send you into a spiral of paranoia, check out the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s constantly-updating recall list. On a quick glance, I learned that the Totally Me! Clay Craft Kits may contain mold, this cute OshKosh baby jacket is a choking hazard, the motor…Read more… Continue […]

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