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What You Should Do If Someone ‘Steals’ Your Baby Name

You’ve had the perfect baby name picked out for years. For as long as you can remember, you vowed your baby girl would one day be named Molly Elizabeth. And damned if your best friend from high school—who KNOWS this—didn’t just announce that her brand new baby girl’s name is (shockingly!) Molly Elizabeth. Read more… […]

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What Expecting Parents Need Instead of a ‘Baby Prenup’

The idea of a “baby prenup” was first brought into pop consciousness by Porsha of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and apparently, it’s now the latest (oh god) “momtroversy.” It is simply a written agreement between an expecting couple that lays out the childcare expectations for both parties before a baby is born. Read more… […]

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Wear Ear Protection When Soothing Your Screaming Baby

Babies cry. It’s a feature, not a bug. Sure, we all know this before getting into the whole parenthood thing, but I don’t think any experience—being seated next to a tiny screamer on an airplane, holding a shrieking nephew as his bottle is prepped, or even living above an infant in full sleep-training mode—could ever…Read […]

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Why You Might Not Want to Buy European Baby Formulas

One of a parent’s first major decisions is how—or what—to feed their baby. For those who formula feed, the pressure to find a high-quality product that is as nutritious as possible can be daunting. And that may be why some parents are turning to European brands like HiPP, Holle, Lebenswert and Töpfer, which some…Read more… […]

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Wash Pacifiers and Breast Pump Parts in the Dishwasher Using a Lingerie Bag 

It’s a well-known parenting hack to put baby socks in a zippered mesh lingerie bag before tossing them into the washing machine and dryer. This prevents them from getting lost or—gasp—eaten. But I never thought about using the bags in the dishwasher, too. Commenter BigPharmaSkeptic shared this tip on our post about …Read more… Continue Reading […]

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