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For Paul Ryan, Money Trumps God

There is a huge hullabaloo brewing on Capitol Hill over the resignation of the House chaplain, Father Pat Conroy, who claimed he was forced to resign by Speaker Paul Ryan. Democrats are outraged by Ryan’s unprecedented decision, and believe it was because the Jesuit priest criticized the GOP …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Paul Ryan: Good Riddance To A Narcissistic Psychopath

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced on Wednesday he’s leaving Congress and will not seek reelection in 2019. As a decent American, his decision is welcome news to me because it means a horrible human being will be removed from power. And reflectively, it’s important to view him through …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Paul Krugman Rips into “Brain Eating” Right- wing Voodoo Economics

The New York Times columnist Paul Krugman’s greatest gift to American society is his sustained attack on right wing fantasy economics and unashamed advocacy of liberalism. Krugman isn’t just a polemicist, he is a Nobel Prize winning economist…

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