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How to Block Violent Videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Because it’s 2019, and livestreaming has had five years or so to really build up into a mainstream activity that people actually do, this means that horrific acts of violence and terror around the world have a greater-than-zero chance of having some video component attached to them. After all, now that plenty of…Read more… Continue […]

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Stop Netflix Trailers and Bump Up Your To-Be-Continued Content with ‘Netflix Tweaked’

Chrome, Firefox: One of the more annoying aspects of watching Netflix on your laptop or desktop computer is the trailers the service likes to automatically play on your behalf. I have nothing against interesting trailers for movies or TV shows I might care about. And everyone suffers through trailers they’re not…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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How to Stop Google Chrome’s New Update From Autoplaying Videos

So you just installed Google Chrome—that, or you’ve cleared your cache and history because you wanted to save some space on your PC or fix some website issue involving cookies. You go to pull up your favorite website and, suddenly, a sound starts blasting out of your speakers. The dreaded autoplaying video returneth.Read more… Continue […]

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Mute Autoplay Videos With the Latest Chrome Update

Chrome 66 is out, and if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t really care when your web browser has a new update, you might want to rethink that approach for this version. Though your browser will automatically update to Chrome 66 (technically, 66.0.3359.117), you should manually trigger that update right now for…Read more… Continue […]

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