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Why Cars Intentionally Ramming Into Crowds Is A Relatively New Problem

It’s happened again. In Toronto, a suspect used a Ryder van to drive into a crowd, this time killing 10 people and injuring 15 others just trying to get through their Monday routine. It is yet another example of cars—one of the most high-profile symbols of independence and Western wealth—being used as weapons against…Read more… […]

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Sheriff’s Office Reportedly Puts ‘All Lives Splatter’ Meme Of Protesters Being Hit By Car On Facebook

The Yakima Herald published a screenshot yesterday of a now-deleted Facebook post which reportedly came from Washington State’s Chelan County Emergency Management page just one month after a woman was killed in a ramming attack. The post showed a meme that said “nobody cares about your protest” and “keep your ass out…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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