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Festival goers engage in heavy petting with sex robot, promptly break it (her?)

Sex robots might soon top the lists of items not permitted on festival grounds.While an uncannily lifelike sex doll doesn’t exactly align with other festival must haves like hydration packs and chewing gum, the doll’s creator was nonetheless determined to bring the doll to Linz, Austria’s Arts Electronica Festival last month. Named Samantha, the female […]

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What To Do When The Enemy Uses Human Shields

The collapse of the sexual revolution is giving rise to an abandonment pandemic among post twenty-something women. Nature abhors a vacuum, so the ecological force of the missing husband and empty crib manifests in political efforts to attach women to the state and import extra virile, hard, young men. Civilisations are uncannily good at exercising the imperatives of their sexual economies without revealing […]

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