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Your February Horoscope Is Here—We Built an AI Astrologer to Predict Your Future

Welcome to AIstrology. With the help of research scientist Janelle Shane, we built a bot to generate monthly horoscopes, trained on about 3,500 extant readings as well as current monthly horoscopes. Each horoscope below is therefore a prediction based on a wealth of predictions for each sign; a distillation of what…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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What’s your sign? Spotify thinks it can curate the perfect playlist around the zodiac

The Forer effect is in full swing at the Spotify office—to the point where the streaming giant has announced that they’ve launched a series of playlists curated specifically toward each zodiac sign. Each of the twelve “Cosmic Playlists” was curated in part by Spotify astrologer Chani Nicholas, who explains, “Astrology is about a specific moment […]

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What’s the Best Astronomical Object in Your Zodiac Sign?

It’s true that astrology is not science—there is no evidence to support that personal traits or mystical truths have anything to do with the Sun and the planets’ locations in the sky at the time you were born. But there is an intersection with astronomy, the real science behind the Sun, the stars, and what […]

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The Solar Eclipse Did Not Mess Up Your Period

The recent solar eclipse was a powerful experience. Whether you traveled hundreds of miles to see the totality, or just popped outside on your lunch break to share a pair of eclipse glasses with a friend, you experienced a beautiful astronomical and social moment. You might be feeling a strong connection,…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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