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Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Return As Dutch In Predator: Hunting Grounds

Arnold Schwarzenegger is finally returning to the world of Predator, but not in a sequel to the iconic action film. The former bodybuilder and (ugh) California governor will provide voice lines to asymmetrical multiplayer game Predator: Hunting Grounds in an update on May 26, shedding light on what Alan “Dutch”…Read more… Continue Reading at

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I Have Important New Questions About The Johnnycabs In Total Recall

I love old action movies, I adore Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I have patterned the aesthetics of my entire existence off of late ’80s cyberpunk. As a result, I re-re-re-watched Total Recall recently and paid attention to much more banal details than I had previously. Specifically, these things.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How Terminator 2: Judgment Day Changed the Blockbuster Game

When Terminator 2: Judgment Day was released, it was a blockbuster to end all other blockbusters—the most expensive movie of all time that actually lived up to its price tag. It was the kind of movie that, if it was made today, would have been the subject of thousands upon thousands of bullshit internet articles […]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Reteam With James Cameron for the Next Terminator Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger has just announced he’ll be starring in the next Terminator movie, which is not at all a big deal. It’s definitely less exciting than the news from January that James Cameron would be regaining rights to the franchise he created, and was working on a new, possibly good Terminator film. But…Read more… Continue […]

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