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Louis Futon delivers kaleidoscopic debut album, ‘Way Back When’

A cacophony of trumpets coalesces with the warm notes of a saxophone to pierce the silence on “The Beginning,” an attention-grabbing, aptly titled number that opens Louis Futon’s debut album, Way Back When. Inherently dynamic, Futon has long treated listeners to his forward thinking remixes, to place his own idiosyncratic spins on other artists’ offerings, like […]

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Louis Futon flips, covers, and intensifies J. Cole’s ‘Kevin’s Heart’

Who better to rework a famed J. Cole track than the multi-talented Louis Futon, who enlists some help from Armani White, BXRBER, and Bellah to compose this cover of “Kevin’s Heart.” The song is part of Cole’s latest album, KOD, a Billboard albums chart-topper. “Days after J Cole dropped his new project, KOD, I was […]

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Trombone takes center stage in Alexander Lewis’ new hip-hop EP

In February 2017, Alexander Lewis released the first track from what would later become the seven-track Omni EP. The iconic “March” track has since garnered more than 1 million SoundCloud streams, wowing listeners with its uniquely bold trombone stabs. In the many months since that initial release, the musician has continued to unveil pieces of the […]

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