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Apple TV 4K Is a Damn Good Set-Top Box 

In the years since its release, Apple TV has often lagged behind competitors, seemingly forgotten by Apple in favor of phones, computers, and even watches. And the Apple TV’s status as the “other” on Apple’s list of sales feels evident when you notice how late to the 4K party it is. Roku launched a 4K box […]

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5 Announcements From Apple’s iPhone 8 Event That Actually Matter

Apple just unleashed 2 hours of hype, bringing media and fans to its new Cupertino headquarters to unveil its latest lineup of gadgets and software. There’s a lot of information to sift through, and most of it isn’t really all that exciting. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Everything Apple Announced Today

Holy heck, everyone, Apple just announced new iPhones, and for the first time in years, they actually look new and different. The big headliner is the iPhone X (pronounced “iPhone Ten”) while the appearance of the iPhone 8 surprised some fans. Less surprising were upgrades to Apple TV and the Apple Watch. But…Read more… Continue […]

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How to Watch James Comey’s Testimony About President Trump, No Cable Required

President Trump fired James Comey as FBI Director on May 9th. Ever since, the American people have been wondering what Comey knows about the Trump regime and its possible collusion with Russia. Today we finally get some answers. And thankfully there are a lot of ways to watch online.Read more… Continue Reading at

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