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What Anxiety Does to Your Brain and What You Can Do About It

Anxiety is a perfectly normal and natural part of being a human. There are always going to be times when we’re more nervous or worried than others. But for some, anxiety is a much stronger, more fearsome force—one that never goes away. But what is anxiety exactly, and what’s going on in your mind (and […]

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How to Find a LGBTQ-Affirming Therapist

Finding the right therapist—someone you trust, someone you like, someone you click with—is important for anyone to ensure their therapy is effective. But for those who identify as LGBTQ, finding a therapist who is LGBTQ or LGBTQ-affirming is critical for creating a safe, supportive space.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Give Your Anxious Child a Time for ‘Worry Questions’ 

Being a kid is tough. There’s a lot of uncertainty—about tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment, that birthday party they’re supposed to attend, or how long Mom will be on an airplane. Anxiety sometimes surfaces in the form of questions. So many questions. Often the same questions over and over and over. They want to, need…Read more… Continue […]

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How Tiny Mistakes Cause Huge Disasters

“If I was setting up curriculum at a university,” says engineer Foone Turing, “I’d make an entire semester-long class on the Challenger disaster, and make it required for any remotely STEM-oriented major.” Because, says Foone, the disaster was a lot less random or simple than people tend to think. In a thread of 102…Read more… […]

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MEMBERS ONLY: The War On Your Mind (And What You Can Do About It)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information coming at me from every angle imaginable. Granted, I have just moved house (with a young child this is twice as stressful), but the non-stop scandals coming out of the White House and the … Continue reading

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How Mental Health Apps Are Messing With Our Heads

Even before you download an app to help you meditate, or to manage your depression, it’s speaking to you. Apps’ marketing often implies that everyday stresses should be seen as mental health issues, and that you’re on your own (with the help of the app, of course) to fix whatever is wrong with you.Read more… […]

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