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MEMBERS ONLY: The Jewish Supervillain

If it wasn’t already clear after last month’s antisemitic terrorist attack, it should be crystal clear now: White Nationalists hate Jews. They hate us with a blinding intensity. In fact, the white conservative terrorist that walked into the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and killed 11 Jews …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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MEMBERS ONLY: The Pittsburgh Massacre Is Why I Stopped Talking to My Trump-Voting Family

It’s tempting to call my in-laws to see if they feel the slightest bit of shame over their continued support for Trump but, frankly, I seriously doubt it. That would require them to understand their culpability….To continue reading this article, please go here. As a Banter Member you’ll get …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Antisemitism Reaches A New Low With “Gun Owner” Holocaust Patch

It’s no secret that along with an obsessive need to feign persecution, the American right wing also has a fairly deep streak of antisemitism running through it. It’s also no secret that white Republican voters are some of the most horrible people to ever be produced by this country, existing only …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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