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The American Shithole

There is a county that ranks 31st globally in life expectancy even though its healthcare costs per capita are by far the highest. This country has one of the lowest voter participation rates in the free world. It loses over a thousand people every week to misuse of pharmaceutical opioids. It loses …Continue reading Continue […]

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Republican Candidate Goes Full Nazi: Jews “Pretend” to be White to Undermine the White Race

Before Trump “won” the 2016 election, it was obvious that even if he lost, the Republican Party had irrevocably shifted from the party of dog whistle racism to the party of open white nationalism. After the election, the question wasn’t “if” they would start fielding candidates that openly used …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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How the #CNNBlackmail Scandal Exposed America’s Dark Side

These days, a single tweet can start a chain reaction that leads to an army of trolls unleashing harassment both online and sometimes, off it. It’s a bizarre yet hazardous part of our increasingly connected world, especially when the hoards are reacting to what they see as equally damaging …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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