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Napoleon The Racing Corgi Crushes All Challengers, Is A Very Good Boy 

Here is a true thing: Even the fastest corgi still looks like an absurd tubelike dog-snake hybrid. The Seattle Seahawks attempted to prove this with the 2018 Corgi Cup, which was held during halftime of Monday’s game. There were so many bread-shaped contenders that they had to hold two heats.Read more… Continue Reading at

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These Are The Animal Wranglers Behind The Internet’s Only Good Twitter Account

SAN FRANCISCO – Alabama Street runs north through the heart of the Mission, from Bernal Heights Park, past the city’s best burrito spot on 24th, all the way up to 16th Street, when its name changes, for one block, and it becomes Rescue Row. The bulk of the city’s animal outreach and rescue organizations are […]

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