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Andrew Sullivan Wishes White Christian Men Were In Charge Again

Andrew Sullivan is a Never Trumper. He despises Trump and before that, he had begun criticizing the downward spiral he saw the conservative movement entering that led to Trump. But despite this, Andrew Sullivan is, first and foremost, a white conservative male and so he often finds himself unable …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Andrew Sullivan On Trump: “What Kind Of Man Is This?”

In a bleak warning to America, Andrew Sullivan has penned an important piece looking at the incredibly disturbing behavior of the president over the past couple of weeks — behavior that looks uncannily like a transition from bumbling buffoon to raging tyrant. Citing Plato’s warning in Republic …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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MEMBERS ONLY: “What Special Kind of Madness is This?”

I’ve been struggling lately to muster the energy to keep covering the monstrous insanity unfolding in the White House, mostly because I don’t know how to articulate the sheer absurdity of it any more…To continue reading this article, please go here. A Banter Membership gets you access to the …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Andrew Sullivan: If Trump Fires Mueller, American Democracy is Essentially “Extinct”

Andrew Sullivan’s latest essay on the state of all things Trump makes for incredibly sobering reading. While most of us are stuck in the daily dirt reporting of the never ending insanity, Sullivan has taken on a new role in the media as a sage-like figure who dips into public discourse to provide …Continue reading […]

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