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The Next World Of Warcraft Update Brings Playable Fox And Mechagnome Races

Now that the Battle for Azeroth is winding down it’s time for World of Warcraft to take care of unfinished business. The next big free game update, Visions of N’Zoth, pits Horde and Alliance players against the maddening threat of a powerful elder god. More importantly, it adds two new playable allied races, the…Read more… […]

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Today I Can Finally Be A Tall, Portly Man In World Of Warcraft

After 14 years of playing either a svelte living human or an incredibly skinny dead one, World of Warcraft finally lets me be me—a large bald man with a beard. Update 8.1.5 adds Kul Tiran humans as an allied Alliance race, and that makes me a big, happy lad.Read more… Continue Reading at

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