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How Your Facebook Posts Might Reveal Your Medical Status

Researchers were able to correctly guess some people’s medical conditions by analyzing their Facebook posts, according to a new study. The people involved had consented to the research, and the results are private, but let this be a warning: You’re potentially telling the world a lot more than you let on. Read more… Continue Reading […]

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How YouTube Is Endangering Children

A New York Times report has found that YouTube’s algorithm has built what journalist Max Fisher describes as “a vast audience—maybe unprecedented—for child sexual exploitation.” It has done so by suggesting home movies of semi-nude kids to viewers who have watched other home movies of semi-nude kids, creating an…Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Outsmart Algorithms and Take Control of Your Information Diet

“Certain algorithms,” says Tim Cook, “pull you toward the things you already know, believe, or like, and they push away everything else. Push back.” In a commencement speech to Tulane University, the Apple CEO tells graduates to take charge of their information diet. And much as we want to sneer at the irony of a…Read […]

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Watch What Happens When an Algorithm Tries to Predict the Next Frame 100,000 Times in a Row

Like an athlete trying to push their body to its extreme limits, artist Damien Henry was curious what would happen if you asked a predictive algorithm to calculate the next frame of video in a sequence, again and again and again, over 100,000 times.Read more… Continue Reading at

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