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Here Is What You Can Expect From A $100 Car Air Freshener

Diptyque, the French scent company best known for its beautiful Instagram-tableau-ready candles that come in scents like Feu de Bois and Feuille de Lavande, released its first car diffuser in September. It joins Diptyque’s line of home diffusers and is the company’s first attempt at finally solving the problem of how…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Use Food Scraps to Make a Kitchen Air Freshener

Whether you’re frugal, environmentally conscious, or just love an efficiency challenge, there are lots of reasons to save your food scraps. Well, mostly to make stock out of. And to compost the rest. But some of your scraps are good for more than just boiling for soup—they can also be the starting place for a […]

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