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How Two A-10 Pilots Saved A Group Of Marines Who Were Cornered And Under Siege By The Taliban

In late October 2008 in northwestern Afghanistan, six members of a Marine Special Operations Team were minutes away from being overrun by Taliban fighters. Surrounded by a larger enemy force, the Marines had called for air support, but dense cloud cover over the valley the Marines were trapped in was making it…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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The Government Says It Wasted Millions of Dollars Dressing the Afghan Army in Proprietary Camouflage

The price tag for the never-ending, but occasionally paused, war in Afghanistan is well north of a trillion dollars by now. Nearly $100 million of that is attributable to our generous decision to buy uniforms for the struggling Afghan National Army—and a newly released inspector general report says that as much as $28…Read more… Continue […]

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After 15 Years of War it’s Time to Ask What Are We Doing in Afghanistan

If there’s one clear example of continuation from the Obama to Trump administrations, it’s that the war in Afghanistan has no end in sight. Fifteen years in, it remains the longest military conflict the United States has been involved in. The most recent evaluations from generals suggest no signs …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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