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Traffic Noise Could Hurt More Than Your Ears

Urbanization has its ups and downs, which mostly have to do with how the environment affects our physical wellbeing. Big cities have the best food, but they have pollution in many forms, and it turns out noise pollution is dangerous beyond causing harm to our hearing.Read more… Continue Reading at

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What’s Causing the Mysterious Hums Heard Around the World?

People in cities around the world—from Taos, New Mexico, to Windsor, Ontario, to Blackburn, England, to Auckland, New Zealand—have reported hearing strange humming noises that have no obvious source. The hums are often compared to the sound of idling trucks, and for the people who can hear them, they can be maddening,…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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The Surprising Way a Confederate Submarine Crew Died at the Hands of Its Own Weapon

During the latter stages of the American Civil War, the H.L. Hunley made history by becoming the first combat submarine to sink an enemy ship. The Confederate crew never returned from its mission, sparking a mystery that’s lasted for over 130 years. An exhaustive new analysis suggests these pioneering submariners…Read more… Continue Reading at

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