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Mija, Icona Pop, and VÉRITÉ join forces for pride-dedicated ‘You Don’t Know About Me’

Firm advocate of the LGBTQ community, the ever-so-colorful Mija, with the help of Icona Pop and VÉRITÉ, has delivered a brand new remix of Ella Vos’s “You Don’t Know About Me,” in honor of Pride Month. Dubbed “The ACLU Remix,” Mija has pledged to donate the entirety of the profits to the nonprofit American Civil […]

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Radiohead & Edward Norton announce collaborative concert benefit sweepstakes for the ACLU

Call the Karma police: Radiohead and actor Edward Norton have teamed up for a good deed once again. The indie rock group and Fight Club star/Wes Anderson-favorite have just announced their second special concert sweepstakes to benefit the ACLU and its work to protect immigrants’ rights and families from the border separation crisis. Those that donate $10 to the Crowdrise […]

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This Powerful ACLU Animated Series Will Prepare You for an Encounter With ICE Agents

Agents from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are routinely rounding up people suspected of being undocumented, often separating them from their children, and detaining them in what are essentially internment camps—all without due process. A new animated series wants to help make sure people have some…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Lawsuit Against North Carolina Shows How the Justice System Keeps Poor People Poor

The ACLU of North Carolina, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice have slapped the state of North Carolina with a federal lawsuit over the state’s practice of suspending drivers’ licenses over unpaid tickets.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Six Sitting Members of Congress Who Voted Against Martin Luther King Day

Today we honor the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Through the power of his words and his actions, MLK inspired people to put their lives on the line in the fight for equality between the races, a struggle that continues to this day. When we remember him, we should remember both what he achieved […]

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Intel Chief Says He Cannot Reveal How Many Americans the NSA Spied On Because He Cannot Count Them All

America’s top intelligence official is reneging on a promise made under the Obama administration to estimate how many Americans have been spied on using a warrant-less surveillance law intended to target foreigners. The decision to abandon that commitment isn’t sitting well with civil liberties advocates who formed a…Read more… Continue Reading at

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